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  • 高中英語教學設計范文,Teaching,Design(book2,unit1)

    | 瀏覽次數:

      1 Teaching Design Senior English Book2

     Unit1 Cultural relics Reading----In search of the amber room


      Teaching aims: After this lesson, Ss will be able to ? Master some new words and expressions, such as amazing, select, design, fancy, artist, in return, at war, less than and so on; learn more about things about the amber room. (Knowledge aim) ? Gain some reading skills and of summarizing the main idea and finding the detailed information; express the idea in English and improve their communicative ability. (Ability aim) ? Make Ss know the important functions of cultural relics in history and cultivate the awareness of protecting cultural relics. (Emotion aim) Teaching important points: ? Learn new vocabulary and some sentence structures. ? Improve reading skills of summarizing and find out detailed information. ? Get to know more about functions of cultural relics and the importance of protecting them.. Teaching difficult points: ? How to summarize the main idea and finding some detailed information. Teaching and learning methods: Communicative teaching method; Task-based and cooperative learning method. Teaching aids: Multimedia, blackboard Teaching procedures: Step1 Lead-in Show some pictures of cultural relics both home and abroad. (purpose;to attract Ss’ attention to the class and feel relaxed in English lesson.) Step2 Pre-reading

     Q1: What kind of things can be called cultural relics?

     Q2: What are their characteristics? Look at a short video about the amber room, which shows its magnificence and luxury.. (purpose:to introduce the topic and arouse Ss’ interest in this reading passage) Step3 While-reading 1. Fast reading Task one

     Summarize the main idea of the whole passage.

     The passage is mainly about ________________________ _______________________________________________________

    ?。?Task two Summarize the main idea of each paragraph Para.1 __________________________________________ Para.2 ___________________________________________ Para.3 __________________________________________ Para.4 _____________________________________________ Para.5 ____________________________________________ (purpose: to improve the ability of summary) 2. Careful reading Task one True or false exercises 1. The Amber Room was a great treasure decelerated with silver and jewel.


     ) 2. It was design for the King of Prussia and the design was in fancy style popular nowadays.


     ) 3. The room once served as a small reception hall for important visitors.


     ) 4. Germany and Russia were at war in 1941.


     ) Task two Find out what did they do to the amber room and match the correct parts.. 1. Frederick Ι

     A. stole the Amber Room. 2. Frederick William Ι

     B. sent a troop of his best soldiers to the King of


      3. Peter the Great

     C. had the Amber Room made 4. Catherine П

     D. had it moved outside St Petersburg. 5. The Nazi army

      E. gave it to the Czar as a gift. 6. The Russians and Germans

      F. built a new Amber Room after studying

     pictures of

     the old one.

     (purpose: to train the ability of getting detailed information) Step4 Discussion Is it worth rebuilding lost cultural relics such as the Amber Room or Yuanmingyuan in Beijing? Give your reasons. (purpose: to practice Ss spoken English and communicative ability) Step 5 Critical thinking As we know, on August 20 in 2019, President Xi Jinping visited Mogao Caves and he attached great importance to preserving cultural relics stressing that let cultural relics speak and what does it mean? (purpose: to cultivate Ss’ awareness of protecting cultural relics and having responsibilty to spread Chinese cultural and voice of China.) Step6 Summary

     What have we learned this period and try to retell the story. Step7 Homework 1. Read the passage again and draw a line some difficult points.. 2. Finish the excises on Page10 in the reference book. Step8Self-assessment Things I can do Evaluation 1. master some new vocabulary. 5 4 3 2 1 2. understand the passage better and get some reading skills 5 4 3 2 1 3. know the importance of protecting cultural relics. 5 4 3 2 1 (purpose: to check what level have the Ss reached after learning the passage.)

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